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            Another Kind of Life


            iKart Racing Club

            Another Kind of Life

                    iKart Racing Club was established in 2013 with head company iKart China (IKC) based in Hong Kong. IKC invest in the construction of the first set of karting sport, fashion life, circle layer is one of the large chain brand.

                    Adhering to the "Another Kind of Life" concept of culture, the European concept of quality of life, high-end goods and popular in Europe for more than 10 years of karting brand (OTL) into China.

                    VIP stands for the game leisure area where guests enjoy glance, standing above the fun watching.

            Safety water on both sides of the track all imported from Italy, made of high toughness material, always ensure the safety of drivers.

                    Professional training before the game, high-end equipment configuration, so that guests experience the noble service.

                    iKart for entertainment and social of the best places, first-class facilities and unique design concept to ensure that our restaurant and lounge area unique, guests rest, entertainment, making friends and talk about the best place. We build the communication through karting and APPS platform, provide more link of communication between people.

                    iKart with Europe and the United States unique network management system, you can easily query their own race performance scores, membership points, events, etc., our data through this system real-time update. The management system fully supports mobile terminals, you can download the software on Apple's Store App and Android client.

            We are Clean and Green

                    We go kart imported from Italy, to battery can as the driving energy not only waste gas pollution, zero emission, no noise. At the same time, it has the remarkable characteristics of large power, fast speed and high speed. It has the function of positive and negative bidirectional control and strong overload capacity. At the same time to enjoy the speed of passion to ensure safety.

            Our Goals,Philosophy and More

                    Our goal is to build iKart into a set of sports fitness, leisure and entertainment, food and beverage culture, social gatherings of friends as one of the major leisure and entertainment chain. The core is to provide quality services and create a fashion brand, so that customers in the iKart karting Pavilion in can not only enjoy the professional circuit to bring the speed and passion, also can enjoy the services of our humanity, noble quality of life experience.

            Visit Your Nearest iKart Racing Club

            • SHENYANG

            • NINGBO

            • SHANGHAI-  OPENING 2018

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